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Install docker engine. Currently only overlay2 as storage engine is supported.

Supported OS

  • RHEL7

Role Variables

dockerengine_package: docker
dockerengine_docker_group_enabled: False

dockerengine_secure_registries: []
dockerengine_insecure_registries: []
dockerengine_block_registries: []

# dockerengine_http_proxy: # defaults to not set
# dockerengine_https_proxy: # defaults to not set
# dockerengine_no_proxy: # defaults to not set

# dockerengine_storage_pvs: /dev/sdx # defaults to not set
dockerengine_storage_vg: vg_docker
dockerengine_storage_lv: lv_docker
dockerengine_storage_size: 100G
dockerengine_base_dir: /var/lib/docker

  - selinux-enabled
  - log-driver=journald
  - signature-verification=false



- hosts: docker-engine

    - sit-lnx.docker-engine


  • you need the wrap custom filter from


Robert Kaussow


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details