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# Contributing
## Security
If you think you have found a **security issue**, please do not mention it in this repository.
Instead, send an email to with as many details as possible so it can be handled confidential.
## Bug Reports and Feature Requests
If you have found a **bug** or have a **feature request** please use the search first in case a similar issue already exists.
If not, please create an issue in this repository
## Code
If you would like to fix a bug or implement a feature, please fork the repository and create a Pull Request.
Before you start any Pull Request, it is recommended that you create an issue to discuss first if you have any
doubts about requirement or implementation. That way you can be sure that the maintainer(s) agree on what to change and how,
and you can hopefully get a quick merge afterwards.
Pull Requests can only be merged once all status checks are green.
## Do not force push to your Pull Request branch
Please do not force push to your Pull Requests branch after you have created your Pull Request, as doing so makes it harder for us to review your work.
Pull Requests will always be squashed by us when we merge your work. Commit as many times as you need in your Pull Request branch.
## Re-requesting a review
Please do not ping your reviewer(s) by mentioning them in a new comment. Instead, use the re-request review functionality.
Read more about this in the [GitHub docs, Re-requesting a review](

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## Contributors
Special thanks goes to all [contributors](
Special thanks goes to all [contributors]( If you would like to contribute,
please see the [instructions](
## License