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Custom image for lighthouse-ci

Build Status Docker Hub Quay.io Source: Gitea License: MIT

Custom container image for lighthouse-ci.


There are two wrapper scripts around the lhci command you could use:

  • /usr/bin/lhci-official: This will simply forward your command to the official binary at /usr/local/bin/lhci
  • /usr/bin/lhci: This is a modified wrapper to post-process the created report file to prepare an upload.

The wrapper /usr/bin/lhci will do the following:

  • find all files flagged with isRepresentativeRun in the manifest.json
  • copy those files to $DIST

To get it working you need to configure the fileupload in .lighthouserc.ymlcommand line configuration will not work:

    target: filesystem
    # has to be a relative path to the .lighthouserc.yml location
    outputDir: lhci_reports

What you will get is the following file structure which could be used as an upload source:

├── 9cf658e2-202007160745.html
├── f33fa4c4-202007160745.html
└── ffae8d3e-202007160745.html


You will also get the target URLs in your CI output:

/usr/bin/lhci autorun


All results processed!

Dumping 6 reports to disk at /src/lhci_reports...
Done writing reports to disk.

Done running autorun.

Post-process report files...
Report for http://localhost:43901/ will be uploaded to https://example.com/9cf658e2-202007160745.html
Report for http://localhost:43901/404.html will be uploaded to https://example.com/ffae8d3e-202007160745.html
Report for http://localhost:43901/posts/ will be uploaded to https://example.com/f33fa4c4-202007160745.html
docker run -v $(pwd)/public:/src lhci autorun

# or pass arguments to lhci
docker run -v $(pwd)/public:/src lhci autorun --upload.target=temporary-public-storage

Environment variables



docker build -t lhci:latest .


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.