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Annotation based documentation for your Ansible roles

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This project is based on the idea (and at some parts on the code) of ansible-autodoc by Andres Bott so credits goes to him for his work.

ansible-doctor is a simple annotation like documentation generator based on Jinja2 templates. While ansible-doctor comes with a default template called readme, it is also possible to write custom templates to customize the output or render the data to other formats like HTML or XML as well.

ansible-doctor is designed to work within a CI pipeline to complete the existing testing and deployment workflow. Releases are available as Python Packages on GitHub or PyPI and as Docker Image on Docker Hub.

The full documentation is available at https://ansible-doctor.geekdocs.de.


Special thanks to all contributors. If you would like to contribute, please see the instructions.


This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License - see the LICENSE file for details.