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Another best practice scanner for Ansible roles and playbooks

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ansible-later is a best practice scanner and linting tool. In most cases, if you write Ansible roles in a team, it helps to have a coding or best practice guideline in place. This will make Ansible roles more readable for all maintainers and can reduce the troubleshooting time. While ansible-later aims to be a fast and easy to use linting tool for your Ansible resources, it might not be that feature completed as required in some situations. If you need a more in-depth analysis you can take a look at ansible-lint.

ansible-later does not ensure that your role will work as expected. For deployment tests you can use other tools like molecule.

You can find the full documentation at https://ansible-later.geekdocs.de.


Special thanks to all contributors. If you would like to contribute, please see the instructions.

ansible-later is a fork of Will Thames ansible-review. Thanks for your work on ansible-review and ansible-lint.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.