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Build Status License: MIT

This repository provides infrastructure-as-code examples to automate the creation of virtual machine images on Proxmox using HashiCorp Packer and the Packer Plugin for Proxmox. All examples are written in the HashiCorp Configuration Language HCL2.

This project is inspired by bitop/packer-templates.



Required plugins are automatically downloaded during the packer init phase. These plugins are placed in the same directory as your Packer executable /usr/local/bin or $HOME/.packer.d/plugins.


Step 1 - Download the release

Download the latest release.

Step 2 - Download the Guest Operating Systems ISOs

  1. Download the required guest operating system ISO images (e.g. Rocky-9.3-x86_64-minimal.iso).
  2. Obtain the checksum type (e.g. sha256, md5, etc.) and checksum value for each guest operating system .iso image. This will be used in the build input variables.
  3. Upload the guest operating system .iso images to your Proxmox server.

Step 3 - Configure the Variables

All available variables are defined in the variables.pkr.hcl files. They can be overwritten using environment variables or in the server.auto.pkrvars.hcl file.

Step 4 - Modify the Configurations and Scripts (Optional)

If required, modify the configuration and scripts files.


Initialize packer and start a build. Packer creates a local HTTP server to provide the kickstart file for the VM. For this to work, the Proxmox server must be able to reach the host IP of the Packer host.

Info: Using the force flag will automatically remove existing templates with a matching name or VMID.

packer init rocky-9/
packer build -force rocky-9/


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.